Giedrė is a Lithuanian actress/performer. She used to work in interdisciplinary art organization GoraParasit as an actress/performer. In 2015 summer she began work with Gintare Minelgaite - an avant-garde theater director as well as the founder and art director of GoraParasit. In 2016 february worked in transdisciplinary project „Luther. Dancing with the Gods“ with American director ROBERT WILSON and Rundfunkchor Berlin (Berlin Radio Choir). Also in 2016 she took part in Artūras Areima, neoclassical theater director, performances in  different productions of AAT (Artūras Areima Theatre): 'Medea's room' (2016), 'Klamm's war' (2016), 'Antichrist' (2017). In 2017 March Giedre took a part in play 'Žalgirės' in National Kaunas Drama Theatre, directed by Vidas Bareikis. In 2017 May performed in a play by Michal Walczak 'Mine' as Julia, directed by Artūras Areima.



Vytautas Magnus University Bachelor’s Degree, Acting, 2013 - 2017

Vytautas Magnus University Bachelor’s Degree, Lithuanian Philology, 2011 - 2015



2013  "Sakura‘s memories", director: Shugo Ikoh, NKDT (National Kaunas Drama Theatre), role - „Eternal Japan“.

2015 Workshop on cinematography (2 weeks), director. Gintarė Minelgaitė. (

2015 Ocotber 10th. Performance at Kaunas bienalle with company Gora Parasit (director Gintarė Minelgaitė) – 'Tuk tuk anamnesis'. (

2016 January 17th. Performance ‘Love’ at CAC (Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius). Gora Parasit (director  Gintarė Minelgaitė) (

2016 February 7 – 17th. Robert Wilson‘s transdisciplinary project „Luther. Dancing with the Gods“, director: Robert Wilson, Potsdam, Germany.

2016 February 19th. Performance at 'Weare18 live Lithuanian tour 2016'. Gora Parasit, performance „Self – fles“ (director Gintarė Minelgaitė).

2016 September 25th, OKT/ Vilniaus miesto teatras. „Medea’s room” (režisierius Artūras Areima (AAT (Artūra‘s Areima Theatre))

2016 November 16th. „Intimacy“, role - Lulu. (director: Artūras Areima (AAT))

2016 December 28th. Menų spaustuvė (Arts printing house) „Klamm‘s war“ role – the student (director Artūras Areima (AAT))

2017 February 25th. Menų spaustuvė (Arts printing house) „Looser“, role – the curator (director Artūras Areima (AAT))

2017 March 3rd. Menų spaustuvė (Arts printing house) „Antichrist“, (director Artūras Areima (AAT))

2017 March 17th. National Kaunas Drama Theatre, „Žalgirės“, role – Birutė (director: Vidas Bareikis)

2017 May 12th. Šiauliai Drama Theatre, „Mine“, role – Julija  (director: Artūras Areima (AAT))

2017 September 9th National Kaunas Drama Theatre, M. Maeterlinck "Blue bird", role - Mytyl (director: Vaidotas Martinaitis)

2017 September 11th Workshop with hungarian director Arpad Schilling, Klaipėda.

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.