This theatre’s vision is to disturb the typical theatrical posture, break stereotypes, to flee from known and unknown theatrical clichés, get away from knowing. Theatre breaks into „life“(social consequences), theatre takes place not only in theatrical spaces "black boxes ", but in everyday life environment, e.g.: stairwells, cemeteries, museums, etc. Scenography turn into given space, the environment itself will represent scenography. 

This theatre is not limited by the expression of dramaturgy. Performances should be light, unobstructed, and ironic. Stage action insulation is systematically destroying. The performance should remind sketch, not the complete picture, so the viewer should be able to feel his own presence, think freely, refuse forced pressure. The aim is to gradually reduce tension so that the viewer could further focus on the actors' being on the stage and their physical actions, conceptual links, rather than alleged, theatrical clichés imposed on acting. This theatre viewer should not immediately perceive what they saw. They should accumulate experience and maintain free- floating attention. It is important for us, that the ongoing performance or stage action could see not only the target viewer (who bought the ticket), but also, fell into theatrical action, a casual passer-by, who is not aware of production of the theatre or any ongoing process.

AAT | Artūras Areima theater main objective and task is the control culture movement, in order to make the works open, provocative. Most importantly, they are forced to seek the truth, question dogmas and ask inconvenient questions. It is important for us that we can help the disenfranchised youth in a consumer life to create a new culture that would abandon censorship and norms and become a free area. From 2015 The theater created and improved its management structures, organized a theater group, submitted applications at competitions for foreign theater festivals, developed the theater activity strategy, plans for 2016-2017. The funding sources were also sought to support activities: project applications were submitted to the Lithuanian Cultural Council, participation in other theater contests. 2015-2016 AAT was created and shown in two performances: "Under the Ice" according to Falk Richter's play Under Ice (co-production with OKT / Vilnius City Theater), "Loser" according to Eduard Limonov "The Diary of the Loser".

In 2016-2017, AAT further expanded its postmodernist, non-conformist theater perspective in its work, which, with a big plan, puts forward a conscious portrait of a person who can not reciprocate the recognition of contemporary reality and become an artistic terrorist. The AAT also applied for various foreign theater festivals, submitted project applications to the Lithuanian Cultural Council, applied for residence in accordance with the exchange program in Italy (Bologna), developed the further theater strategy, plans for 2017-2018. The theater was released by the 3 premieres - on the basis of documentary material, the "Medea's Room" created on the principle of creative laboratories; According to Kai Hensel's play "Klamms krieg" -  the "Klam war" ; according to M. Foucault, F. Nietzsche, S. Wilde texts and documentary material "Antichrist". AAT | Artūras Areima theater (with the support of the Lithuanian Culture Council) with the performance "Under the Ice" by Falk Richter's play "Under Ice" (co-produced with OKT / Vilnius City Theater),  in 2016 summer, participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest international art festival ; won the Jawbone Award from Robert McDowell's, as the most uncompromising performance at the Fringe Festival. A.Areima was rated by the special Summerhall Arts Center Award by British theatrical jury,  , also AAT received invitation for co-production - AAT  and Summerhall, in Edinburgh. The theater also received funding from the Lithuanian Cultural Council for participating with performance "Under ice" at the Avignon Festival in France, 2018 summmer.

From 2017 AAT|Artūras Areima theater founder and director Artūras Areima is a candidate of The Europe Prize Theatrical Realities.

Artūras Areima moments from works (2008-2017):


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