Post - political porn satire

Premiere date : 2017 m. March 3rd,4th. Arts Printing house

director/scenographer Artūras Areima | actors Monika Poderytė, Giedrė Žaliauskaitė, Andrius Mockus, Valerijus Kazlauskas

duration 120 min

audience N-14

Photographer Laura Vansevičienė
project funded by no one

The end of reality - the desert of the universe vanity.

This is the best performance you have not seen yet. This is the funniest performance you have not heard yet. This is the most passionate performance from which the stigmas of Jesus will grow, while the luscious cries of crucifixion with a short bluish bit. Trust us, the new prophets of these days - we will bring you to the bright tomorrow. Let's play the gods in order not to sit on Putin's sword.

The society changes in the era of mass consumption, its morality norms and the behavior of a modern person, new socialism and the world are emerging, dissatisfaction with ideologies and politics, the erosion of social identity, an increase in destabilization of an individual, and an uncontrollably growing global sense of fear. Why?

Today it is difficult to talk about the society and the absurdity that surrounds us, but to remain silent is like to capitulate when faced with a massive avalanche of shit trying to defuse the last drop of our humanity, bring it down and turn us into a part of our hearted mass. The mass of the Avalanche is where the natural power comes from, and afterwards it sets itself apart from the roots on its way. Today's man can endure everything: "trumpism", "putinism", fascism, Christianity, the death of Christianity, violence against children and all the joys of the new times. The world is increasingly aligned with the synthetic field in which we feel disorientated, we are panicking. And panic is the only fear. We are afraid and try to control things, turn them sterile, and synthesize our surroundings. The same environment that leads us from the mind. We are crazy. We are looking for meaning and certainty in every step of our life and at the same time we are running from it. "The Antichrist" is an unshakeable performance about values and values.

AAT | Artūras Areima theater invites all the unlucky hopefuls to shout out all over the throat, to resist the avalanche, to spit, cursor, whistling publicly, to vomit the empty stomach juice as if it were not tomorrow, because it is very likely that tomorrow we will not be happy at all.


The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.