Virginija Rimkaitė

The first theatrical TV show in Lithuania

AAT|Artūras Areima theater

director/scenographer Artūras Areima | costume designer Artūras Areima | video artist Kornelijus Jaroševičius
actors Tadas Gryn, Monika Poderytė, Valerijus Kazlauskas | light designer Julius Kuršys

duration 1st EPISODE 80min
                  2nd EPISODE 60min
                  3rd EPISODE 40 min 

audience 16+

Photographer Laura Vansevičienė
project funded by Lithuania Ministry of Culture

„If you are not consuming, you will be consumed“ – this the main idea of the play „Boiling Temperature 5425“ by Virginija Rimkaitė. This work, where the main human issues is analyzed in the style of the writer Franz Kafka, won the main prize in Lithuanian dramaturgy festival. 

The starting point of the play is the story of an Antique Mythology hero Tantalus: guilty in front of the Gods, he was imprisoned in hell to eternally suffer hunger and thirst. In the other words – Gods took away from Tantalus the opportunity to consume and it became his eternal hell. In the play the opposite version is being analyzed – maybe consuming is our nowadays hell? Maybe excess instead of the shortage is the nowadays thread? 

Characters of this play are not just human beings, who act simple and freely. The tension between characters arises because of the paradox, sometimes from nothing and sometimes just because it doesn’t fit our morals, stereotypes, old beliefs. It shows the isolation of them as a family. The main subject of this performance – consumerism. The main reason of apathy, insensitivity towards other people is that you can always replace them by material things. The story evolves around family: the mother, the father and their disabled son. The problem is - their son just doesn’t fit their model of a perfect child in a perfect world. 

The problem of nowadays is that most of us are attached to material things and pay too much attention to it, so it restricts us. We sacrifice to it our freedom, relationships, career and even the family. We want to feel full. We want to feel satisfied. This unwise use is something that does not give us any happiness, as well as degradation of our environment. We are polluting the environment in order to grow an industrial economy that produces what we do not need. This is very serious and we really have to do something, change it. We will never be able to improve the environment if we continue to expect something. We will not change anything until we live as we live now. It is important to talk about the fact that non-users in the context of the consumer are pushed to the margin, such people are disabled, that is, they can not (and) be consumers. In general, if you do not use it, it will be consumed by you. Unfortunately, we live in an era where people are both shoppers and goods at the same time.

  • Lithuanian contest plays  „Versmė“ winner.


The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.