Psychological thriller

Premiere date : 2017 October 13th, November 30th Arts Printing house

director and scenographer Artūras Areima | costume designer Monika Gurskytė | music Dominykas Morkūnas | video Kornelijus Jaroševičius | scenic meaning Mister Klam and etc.

duration 60min

It's time to find out how this story began, and who is really KLAMM is. He knows you well. Several years ago, you were met and the cooperation between the two men barely cost you the life. Yes, it's strange. It's different.

"I will show you and everyone else that KLAMM did not live in vain. He had a good, positive dream. It's the only dream one could have left a single positive person. "

He is you He is me He is us He is open to his truths. One can disagree with him, anger can be on him, but he will remain, because he is faithful to himself. Faithful to your truth. He suffers because of his convictions and because of the openly pervading truth, because nobody likes white pure and unprincipated truth. He is insightful. But by observing it, we can see it through ourselves. It is very close to us, just forty centimeters and surrounded by us from all sides. It would seem that we could see his centimeter in the wrong piece, but he and he are, and we remain deceived in the finale. We so believed in his truth that we lost our truth. We lost our insights. Maybe we did not have them.

"At the end of the Klamm's War, an emotional rebound occurs: blood returns to circulation in the veins, symptoms of heart arrhythmias are slipping, the pulse is normalized, the tension elapses, the whole performance is irritated and annoyed by the audience, the melancholy waves are infused, the mood of the audience changes, the audience changes sensitively: what and why here happened? The Klamm makes some androgynous, it is difficult to perceive such a sudden reincarnation of the opposite sex and the transformation of the transgressed state of cruelty and aggression into a stagnant, madly sad, delicate femininity. "Everything is meaningless" replaces "Hope There's Someone". A long silence pause in the sound of the cursed and extinguishing lights, (...) Applause for Artūras Areima, for the sake of such innocent manipulation, the psychological play of the spectator's emotions, this sudden softness at the end led to stopping, neglecting and thinking. Still, after the "Klamm's War," you will not go out indignant nor calm or "purified", you go out of something burning or burnt-rusted, with at least 60 questions in the minds and ears of Klamm: "a completely strange, undefined existential fear ... And he does not want to go to war with himself. "
 by Aistė Verpečinskaitė



The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.