according to Eduard Limonov "Diary of a loser"

Premiere date : 2015 December 17,18,19th.  POST gallery (Kaunas)

director Artūras Areima | scenography Artūras Areima | photographer Donatas Stankevičius | costume designer Monika Gurskytė | 
music Gramophone | acting Loser | curator of the exhibition Giedrė Žaliauskaitė

duration 120 min

audience N-14

Photographer Donatas Stankevičius
project funded by Lithuania Council for Culture

One part of the nonconformist, existential, deconstructive, and isterious act "Loser" against a bourgeois society believing in space power.

What is it nonconformist?

Non-conformism, neglect of prevailing attitudes, customs, public opinion. Non-conformism leads to self-knowledge and binds to the perception of a certain social context, free of slavish methodologies. He has symptoms of honesty, humor, savorionism, incitement to revolutions.

The invitation is to join the tribe of the unlucky and destroy this civilization all over the Earth. To destroy and unite all who are not satisfied for this purpose. No selected classes. No dictatorships What a man is better than any other person. That's stupid. The joy is better one who hates civilization. We do not answer the question of what we will put in an empty place. We say: Our goal is to destroy. Not from the base, but even deeper, with the roots, all that remains to remain dust. Just as the ancient cities wrecked the winners, and then plowed it. There are those who are fed up with, who have already wiped out a part of life for never-ending, meaningless service.

Surrender How do you know if you are determined to become a loser? If you woke up one rainy morning in the morning, you could still lie down, think and listen to music as if asking yourself to say with honest self: "But I'm nothing in this life - only a piece of dust and a shred" - then you are not a human being yet. If you speak these words honestly, not to others, but to yourself.

"Loser" is determined to bring us all into a zero zone and experience everyday. A day is more important than a ill-conceived illusion.

And what is that loser?

Today, we do not know who is loser and that the loser has become a strong opposition member. It is the losers who ground the new ways of our perception. Everything is normal, today it is visible in the light of madness, which in the past was an insignificant remnant. Priority will be given to all and the remnants of all areas of the loser, which were formerly silent, i.e. crazy, minority, and in man - stools, waste, etc. "When everything is subtracted, nothing remains. But I do not agree with that. I accept the truth that everything is equal to anyone. From here an absurd game arises, so the theater and the fiction created by it make us meet for a certain time in a certain place. And here the most important is the absurd "between," which can be unreasonable, merely a magical game. So I invite everyone to meet and play a non-conformist theater. "- A. Areima.

Here, viewers, rather, are extremely active and contribute significantly to the ultimate effect of the act. And this process makes possible the ability for viewers to rely on a familiar, similar to their own personal experience. Viewers from the storyline evolve a story. The audience is targeted, motivated, determined to be raped or deliciously pampered. The audience, who does not like the theater, never liked and never thought about it, only in the terrible dream of her nightmares that they could find themselves there. The audience who loves the theater, but can not at all be satisfied with it because it has become too small for their heads.

Eleven episodes of Lullabies for emotional guys:

1. Dismiss disciplinary order.

2. To create a society which has no grounds and no landmarks; along with indifference to historical times

3. Intelligence for books, do it yourself and eat.

4. What is upset - we do not eat.

5. We are glad to have a passion.

6. Let's get rid of anger.

7. Look for the holes that we cover.

8. Speak so that we can not hear the noise of the world.

9. It is important to grasp not the whole, but itself in the whole.

10. "Other" is not interesting, I'm fun.

11. All that is said is not true, because everything is all over again, from the end.


It's been a long time since it's true that we are in a universe with more and more information but less sense. But why do we eat and eat it all the time? Today, iInformation has nothing to do with meaning. We live in a world of video culture, in which the goal of self-expression is selfie time. The chaos of the futility that is being carried is absorbed by everyone who lives in the basics of fox. The imitation of life has become a privilege of "archeology". Absolute advertising - zero advertising. All forms of original culture, all defined languages, are absorbed in advertising, because there is no depth in it. It's an instant thing. Instantly forgotten. It triumphs the shape of the surface, the lowest denominator of all values is the zero degree of meaning t.y. zero zone. Be the one you are and do not have a collective abscondish mania.

AWARDS : 2016 m. Golden stage cross nomination for the best debut Valerijus Kazlauskas






The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.