Falk Richter

Premiere 2020 January 25, 26 th in Artūras Areima theater, Vilnius

AAT|Artūras Areima theater

director/scenographer Artūras Areima | costume designer Artūras Areima| music composer π | video artist Dinas Marcinkevičius | 
actors Petras Šimonis, Monika Poderytė

duration 90 min

audience 16+

Photographer Laura Vansevičienė
project distributed by Lithuania Council for culture

The concept of corporeality in today's world, our relationship with the body as part of our identity, and social gender are the cornerstones that performers intend to analyze in the creative process. For centuries, propaganda has been carried out in different cultures around the world to persuade or deny people the right to own their own body, and modern consumer society has now reached another extreme: its unremitting efforts to persuade people of the value of their own body. priced. The body's universal status of private ownership, and the production / consumption structures of society, encourage the dual practice of the subject: representing the body as capital and as a fetish.

Beautiful body today becomes an absolute imperative: to be wonderful / wonderful is no longer the result of nature or a complement to moral qualities. The state of the body is defined as the position of its owner, for which it is responsible and which can change it: the body needs to be regulated, carefully inspected, and refined in order to make an article out of it. Self-fragmentation divides the body itself into body parts into images of the self. Media, advertising, music clips add richly to such fragmentation. Each part of the body - lips, hips, thighs, abdomen, chest - is viewed separately as a means to enhance the desired image. Parts of the body are reformed and decontextualized: perceived as distant from the individual.

What feeling can be true today and belong to a person as a whole personality? How to challenge it, and does it exist if we are no longer aware of ourselves as a whole of body and spirit?
The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.