Falk Richter

Premiere 2020 January 25, 26 th in Artūras Areima theater, Vilnius

AAT|Artūras Areima theater

director/scenographer Artūras Areima | costume designer Artūras Areima| music composer π | video artist Dinas Marcinkevičius | 
actors Petras Šimonis, Monika Poderytė

duration 80 min

audience 16+

Photographer Laura Vansevičienė
project funded by Lithuania Council for Culture

Self-fragmentation also divides the body itself into body parts into images of one's self. Media, advertising, music clips abound in such fragmentation. What parts of the body can be transformed and decontextualized: perceived as distant from the individual. How does it feel to be real today and belong to man as an integral personality, how to summon it, and does it exist if we are no longer aware of ourselves as a body and spirit? From now on, time is no longer profound, the future ceases to exist, as does the past. Time changes the camera eye built into our everyday technology. The universe no longer has secrets.

A. Areima: “The performance of Nothing Hurts, like the play itself, is thematically related to J.G.Ballard's novel "Crash", in which the body encounters technology, e.g. with a car. The body is constantly involved in an accident. Bodies are not accidentally encountered here, these are specially designed crashes to cause sexual and emotional satisfaction. Here, the accident, the encounter gives life a new form, a new breath, and lust again for another body, for itself, for existence. Here death and sex are on the same level as the body - no fantasy, no metaphor, no phrase. We could not say that here bodies / characters are faced with sadism, masochism or enjoyment - here it is simply pure discharge. Everything here is enveloped in an atmosphere that we could name, as today, as Ballard himself called it: "... we're stuck in a giant cork."

I no longer understand who I am today and I do not think I can understand. I don't think I can be close to another. Not to mention myself. There is a growing sense of depersonalization - that the body is just a box that you have closed. It has no specific meaning unless that general / universal, once long established, with some modifications, reconstructions, the one we genetically modified. We put ourselves and shut down in a virtual network, so now we are all so uniform, uninteresting, indistinguishable, predictable, tired of others and ourselves. It's hard to find fresh thoughts, fresh air to share. Everything becomes a gray line. ”

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.