Falk Richter

Premiere date : 2016 September 11th,12th. OKT/Vilnius city theater

director Artūras Areima | costume designer Monika Gurskytė | music Artūras Bumšteinas, Dominykas Morkūnas | video designer Kornelijus Jaroševičius | actors Rokas Petrauskas, Dovydas Stončius, Tomas Rinkūnas

duration 85min

audience 16+

Photographers Mantas Puida, Elodie Le Gall
project funded by Lithuania Council for Culture

The center of the world under the ice is the conference room. There is no love here, everyone only cares about productivity. The main character, business consultant Mister Nobody, always feels the pressure of others. The expectations of family and colleagues constantly pushes Mrs. Nobody for survival as if he was trapped. Step by step Mrs. Nobody's life is laid out through the play, where the workplace is the most important and personal identity disappears because Mrs. Nobody is constantly required to be effective and adapt. Is it possible, in such conditions, to strike a balance between the personality and the needs of the organization / society?

The play is written by Falk Richter, one of the most important theater writers in his generation in Germany, whose works are known and appreciated throughout Europe. In his plays, he analyzes the physical and mental state of the individual and the general political situation in contemporary Western culture. Richter writes about the elite of the economic world, the way people think and how they work, the consequences of these people's actions. He is concerned about the ideology of efficiency and economic growth, their influence on the lives of ordinary people. Richter's texts are surviving and reflecting, acting as reality and cinema at the same time, can be considered both politics and poetry. During the production of the play, the playwright used about 100 hours of documentary material to watch working business consultants.

Artūras Areima: "People of the Western culture are able to work very well in their field of professional life, but they may get lost in the unusual everyday situations. People are narrowing and mechanizing, forgetting simple, human-minded things. A profession takes their lives. Some want to change something, but afraid of losing what they already have. After all, if you are not rich today, you're not promising, then there's nothing. Because of work and career, people forget their childhood dreams, and instead of following their inclinations, they create plans and live up to them - they do what they need. So they get lost in their own lives and try to get along. It's interesting to see if, as a result of this, a person can still change something in his life. "

AWARDS :           2016   international Edinburgh Festival Fringe, „Jawbone“ award, Falk Richter UNDER ICE (AAT|Artūras Areima theater)


















The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.