Virginija Rimkaitė

The first theatrical TV show in Lithuania

AAT|Artūras Areima theater

director Artūras Areima | scenography Artūras Areima | actors Tadas Gryn, Monika Poderytė, Valerijus Kazlauskas

duration 60min | N-14

Episode 1

Can you reach the peak of unconditional love? Who helps to overcome all obstacles and barriers in order to feel about which legends are created? In nature, harmony and balance prevail. And only in human relations, we have not yet reached an agreement, understanding, and a fair connection. It is these factors that lead to love.

Episode 1. Understanding what connects men and women helps to analyze their natural differences. You will learn how to re-get acquainted, express your expectations, and what partners can give each other. You will get acquainted with the work "to the round table", that is how to jointly solve any problem. What do we not yet know about a partner, how do we create an illusion in the absence of information? Relationships can be constantly updated, and they will glow again, inspire the partners to re-get acquainted and rejoice each other. Everyone is an unrecognizable planet, and constant interest in the partner is easy enough, you just want to.

Everyone can not fully understand another, so we conceive the vision of another and communicate with him through that vision. So how to create an ideal partner vision? And how will this respond to family life? You will learn how to cover any negative side with the "layer" of love and goodness?

Episode 2. You will get acquainted with the stages of the family crisis, which can be identified and foreseen in advance. Divorce does not occur in a straight line instead. Differences in characters, irritability, different values give rise to internal resistance. Protecting your interests, unwillingness to understand the partner deepens the abyss. Partners are increasingly diverting, thinking about divorce. You will find out how the real ACCESSIBILITY appears, how to keep your passion and your ability to keep a close interest in the partner. When we know the basic needs of the partner, as well as the natural nature of men and women, this greatly helps one understand each other and strengthens the family.

Episode 3. You know well how it is: it does not accept its characteristics, and it can not tolerate its style of life. Cabin to recover the feelings of love, to create a fire in the family center? One of the options is to protect and appreciate the personal space of each other as the highest value. You will also find out how valuable your partner can be. And what does it look like when you descend from love.

The "Properties Mirror" rule can also fundamentally change the relationship, as it helps you re-get acquainted with yourself.


The problem with these days is that most of us are attached to our belongings and we are restricted to them. We tend to emphasize material objects too much and even sacrifice our freedom, relationships, career, family and health for their benefit.

We want to feel full. We want to feel satisfied. This unwise use is something that does not give us any happiness, as well as degradation of our environment. We are polluting the environment in order to grow an industrial economy that produces what we do not need. This is very serious and we really have to do something, change it. We will never be able to improve the environment if we continue to expect something. We will not change anything until we live as we live now.

It is important to talk about the fact that non-users in the context of the consumer are pushed to the margin, such people are disabled, that is, they can not (and) be consumers. In general, if you do not use it, it will be consumed by you. Unfortunately, we live in an era where people are both shoppers and goods at the same time.

The winner of the Lithuanian plays Competition "Versmė".

arts printing house | black hall

tickets: from 15 € | tickets in Tiketa booking offices | also you can buy tickets  1 hour till performance at arts printing house | please note: in arts printing house you can only pay in cash, sorry for the inconvenience

premiere date : 2017 October 29th
other dates : December 17th