The main objective and task of AAT | Artūras Areima theater is the countercultural movement, where works would be open and provocative. Most importantly, it has to force to seek the truth, question dogmas and ask inconvenient questions. It is important for us that we could help the youth, frustrated with consumer lifestyle, to create a new culture that would abandon censorship and norms and become a free autonomous area. This theatre’s vision is to disturb the typical theatrical posture, break stereotypes,  flee from known and unknown theatrical clichés, get away from knowing. Our theatre seeks to break into „life“ (socium), to take place not only in theatrical spaces - "black boxes", but in everyday life environment, e.g.: stairwells, cemeteries, museums, etc. Here the environment itself must represent the scenography. 

Artūras Areima theatre is not limited by the expression of dramaturgy. Performances have to be light, unobstructed and ironic. The isolation of the theatrical/stage action should be systematically destroyed. The performance should remind a sketch, instead of a complete picture, so the viewer is able to feel his own presence, think freely, refuse forced pressure. The aim is to gradually reduce tension so that the viewer could focus on the actors' being on the stage and their physical actions, conceptual links, rather than alleged, theatrical clichés imposed on acting. The viewers of this theatre should not immediately perceive what they saw. They should accumulate experience and maintain a free-floating attention. It is important for us, that the ongoing performance or stage action could be seen not only by the targeted viewer (who bought the ticket), but also a passer-by, who fell into theatrical action accidentally and who is not aware of production of the theatre or any ongoing processes.

AAT was founded to avoid any restrictions of creative freedom, which is often found in budgetary, governmental institutions and to present in Lithuania an alternative, postdramatic point of view in theatre, to create high quality theatre works, which would everytime use different, new artistic tools to provoke the viewer‘s imagination and intelligence. Artūras Areima theatre works were already well acknowledged in Scotland, France, Russia, South Korea, Germany, China, Denmark the troupe already received official invitations to present works in the international festivals in Germany, Italy, USA, South America, Poland, Montenegro, Finland. Director Artūras Areima received the invitations for residency in Belgium, Denmark, South Korea.

Since 2015 theatre was creating and improving its infrastructure, organising a theatre group, submitting applications for foreign festivals, developing the strategy, plans for 2016-2017. The funding sources were also sought to support activities: applications were submitted to the Lithuanian council for culture, company was also active in participating in various theatre contests. In 2015-2016 AAT has created and presented 2 performances: "Under the Ice" according to Falk Richter's play (co-production with OKT / Vilnius City Theater) and "Loser" according to Eduard Limonov "The Diary of the Loser".

In 2016-2017, AAT further expanded its postmodernist, non-conformist theatre perspective in its work. AAT has applied for various foreign theatre festivals, submitted project applications for the Lithuanian council for culture, developed the further theatre strategy, plans for 2017-2018. AAT has released 3 premieres:  "Medea's Room" , based on documentary material and created on the principle of creative laboratories; "Klamm's war", according to Kai Hensel's play "Klamms krieg"; "Antichrist", according to M. Foucault, F. Nietzsche, S. Wilde texts and documentary material. In 2016, Artūras Areima theater (with the support of the Lithuanian Council for Culture) with the performance "Under Ice" by Falk Richter's play, participated in Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest international art festival; here the company won the "Jawbone" Award from Robert McDowell's, as the performance was recognized as the most uncompromising at the Fringe Festival.

In 2018 theatre has presented 3 premieres - “Boiling temperature 5425”, according to V. Rimkaitė's play, performance “The Blind” according to J. Saramago (co-production with Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater) and "Hamletmachine", written by German playwright Heiner Müller. “Hamletmachine” in 2018 was presented in South Korea (Seoul and Daejon, festivals „DipFe“ and „ST-BOMB“) after the participation AAT has received invitation for residency and next year‘s festival programs. In 2018 summer, AAT presented the performance "Under Ice" in Avignon Festival OFF, after which the troupe received an official invitation to present in Avignon Festival OFF the performance "Hamletmachine" in 2020. In November, 2018, the performance “Antichrist” was presented in Berlin, in the independent artistic platform “Flugwerk”.

In 2019 April, Artūras Areima theater with performance „Under Ice“ participated in an International art festival „Mythos“ in Rennes, and Le Havre theater Le Tetris.In 2019, Artūras Areima theatre participated in an international Nordic/Baltic theatre project, together with an independent theatre companies from Norway and Denmark. The aim of the project is to promote the intercultural artistic exchanges and share the different artistic tools by organising workshops in all three countries. In the frame of this project AAT presented the performance “Hamletmachine” in Aarhus theater Katapult. 2019 September 14-24, troupe presented performance "Under Ice" in Beijing Fringe festival and in the International Contemporary theater festival in Hangzhou. 2019 October , theater released premiere according to Falk Richter play „Electronic City“ and presented performance „Hamletmachine“ in the independent artistic platform „Flugwerk“, Berlin.

In 2020 January Artūras Areima theater realeased premiere according to Falk Richter play "Nothing Hurts", also troupe received a funding for the new theater project "The Test" according to Lukas Bärfuss. AAT also received an official invitation to present the performance "Under ice" on 2020 September in FIAT festival in Montenegro.

From 2017 Artūras Areima theater founder and director Artūras Areima is a candidate of The Europe Prize Theatrical Realities.

Artūras Areima moments from works (2008-2018):


Artūras Areima moments from works (2013-2020):


The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.