• By technologies, social movements that are constantly changing, we will grow up new questions and propose new constructs, as new services, professions, philosophical, social theories and so on will be born with them (and thanks to them) etc.; 

  • We will expand our theater perspectives, so that we can get as close as possible, to become more up-to-date with our today‘s person, so that we can help him get around today's fastpaced processes; 

  • We are looking for genres, new models of art that are not heard and heard. We are interested in the types of theater, "devised", "collaborative", which emphasize not the result, but the creative method itself, and can easily be named simply by translating literally - the general creative theater (in its design, creation, planning, development, creation). The importance of this form of theater is its emphasis on the eclectic process, which requires innovation, ingenuity, imagination, risk and, above all, full commitment to work.

  • In our theater, the dramatic, traditional action / performances cease to exist, because interdisciplinarity, the synthesis of various fields of art are important to us. Therefore, with each new performance, we will combine and include different types of art, such as: contemporary circus, contemporary dance, art, film industry, media art, live music performance. 

  • Today's performance acquires a form of performance or manifesto, touches on the acute problems of multi-ethnic societies or historical memory, and acts not as aesthetically as civic feelings. We will encourage our creativity to understand that the solution to the problems of contemporary society, the identification of problems in the theater today is inevitably importanExit from the theater, as from a closed "black box" space. Our performances will take place not only on the big stage of theater, but also in the fields, in the woods, in museums, galleries, on the street, abandoned buildings and other non-traditional spaces. We will organize artistic actions that make us think about the paradoxes of cultural politics.

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.