• by theater activities i.e. professional stage art projects as well as the creative work of creative teams working in the theater itself, present the highest artistic level achievements of artistic creativity, to foster, develop and disseminate Lithuanian culture, to formulate and express the achievements of world cultures and create contemporary art traditions in a variety of forms and genres;
  • create conditions for the growth and development of young, talented actors of the theater troupe; 

  • to expand the work of professional scene art while residing in foreign theaters, to promote co-productions with troupes of independent foreign theaters; 

  • to change the established values, attitudes towards the environment and contemporary society;

  • to expand the repertoire of theater performances, promoting the dissemination of the latest national and foreign dramaturgy;

  • to promote the control culture movement so that theatrical performances are open, provocative, forcing them to seek the truth, question the dogma and ask inconvenient questions; 

  • to take part in international events, programs, residences, festivals;

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.