In 2019 Artūras Areima theater has started an educational event cycle „Projekcija“ („Projection“) which will hopefully grow into the first international workshop festival of theater in Lithuania. In 2019 we have welcomed and met director Luk Perceval, who led a mindful yoga workshop and presented his creative philosophy and tools in a public lecture-discussion. In 2019 we have also presented 7 recordings of the best contemporary European theatre performances accompanied by professional introductory lectures. Presented recordings of performances : Olivier de Sagazan ”Transfiguration”, ”Hybridation” performansai, Susanne Kenedy “Hideous (Wo)men”, Needcompany “The Porcelain Project” and “The Blind Poet”, Rodrigo Garcia “Golgota Picnic” and Luk Perceval ,,Uncle Vanya”.

In 2020-2021 we want to continue welcoming the most interesting theater creators, as well as creating a unique, versatile program, as it gives a chance for Lithuanian creative youth to get familiar with the contemporary theater worldwide.

In 2020 "Projection" festival will take place in October-November: we are going to present the workshops of acting, directing and contemporary dance held by Lithuanian, Polish and Estonian theatre professionals. 

In 2021 "Projection" festival we are going to welcome director Rodrigo García for the acting workshops and meetings with young Lithuanian creators and students.


The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.