AAT|Artūras Areima theater troupe member from 2018

Work experience

As sound engineer/operator:

* JMDT (Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre, Panevezys, Lithuania) 2015 - 2018
* LRDT (Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania) 2018 - 2019
* AAT (Arturas Areima Theatre) 2018 – present day


As composer:

* ¨Le Bourgeois Gentilhombre¨ by Moliere (dir. Monika Klimaite, theatre ¨Menas¨)

* ¨Do You Know Santa¨ by V.Kupsys (dir. Vytautas Kupsys, JMDT)

* ¨The Chosen¨ by G.Labanauskaite (dir. Monika Klimaite, VSDT)

* ¨Necklace of the Witch¨ interpretation of polish folk tale (dir. Anna Galek, JMDT)

* ¨Such a Beautiful Sun¨ by D.Urboniene (dir. Eleonora Matulaite, JMDT)

* ¨Story of One Apartment¨ by D.Zavedskaite (dir. Monika Klimaite, Arts Printing House)

* ¨Who the f**k is Alice¨ interpretation of L.Carrol’s ¨Alice in Wonderland¨ by G.Labanauskaite (dir. Monika Klimaite, Seiko Dance Company)

Personal Skills:

Good knowledge of how to operate audio making and editing softwares as Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One etc. Understanding how sound systems operates and how to work with them. Basic skills with visual material softwares as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Blender, OpenToonz.

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.