2014-2018 Acting Bachelor in Lithuania Music and theater Academy

Works in Theatre (created roles):

Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius (Lithuania)  
Aleksandr Shpilevoj "Unlearned lessons" directed  by Airida Gintautaite role: speaker about physical education (Premiere:  2017 September 30)

Vilnius Red Cross Hospital   Vilnius Lithuania 
Salomėja Neris „ Fir the Queen of Grass-snakes“ directed by Oskaras Korsunovas role : security guard (Premiere 2016)

Royal Palace,  Vilnius Lithuania
Justinas Marcinkevicius „ Mindaugas“  directed by Marija, Simona Simulynaite role : herald, lowman (Premiere: 2017 July 6)

Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre Vilnius Lithuania
Dorota Maslowska „We are fine“ directed by Egle Svedkauskaite role: Radio (Premiere 2018 February 24)

Lithuanian music and theatre Academy Vilnius Lithuania
Karolis Legenis „Hummingbird“ directed by Karolis Legenis (lot:  Trochilidae) monoperformance role: Howard (Premiere 2018 May 10)

Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy Vilnius Lithuania
Karolis Legenis, Petras Simonis  „Emancipation“ directed by Karolis Legenis and Petras Simonis performance role :First man (Premiere 2018 January 25)



Student, Man, in the movie "Purple Fog" directed by Raimundas Banionis. 2017-2018

Chaim Miller in the movie "The Nazi Avengers" directed by Nick Green 2017-2018

Warrior in the movie „Hitler vs. Pope“  documentary directed by Christopher Cassel National Geographic Channel 2017


Short films

Arūnas in the movie "Dry" dir. Gabija Bargailaitė. Skalvija cinema centre 2017

Carol in the movie "Mirror" dir. Klementas Davidavicius LMTA Cinema and Television Department. 2017

August in the movie "Sòmnámbulism" dir. Elzbieta Vozbinaitė Skalvija cinema centre 2018

Guest in the movie "Network":dir:  Marius Rimkus (independent cinema) in 2018

Tanimura in the movie „Frost „ dir: Lukas Kacinauskas LMTA Cinema and Television Department. 2017

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.