AAT|Artūras Areima theater troupe actress from 2019


2014 – 2018 Acting bachelor (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)
2014 – 2018 public communication related studies ( Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania) 


2019.10.12 Džoi character in performance „Electronic city“ dir. Artūras Areima (Artūras Areima theater, Vilnius, Lithuania)

2019.07.14-28 Nowy teatr summer theater camp (Warsaw, Poland)

2019.04.07-12 Young Theater Days festival participation ( Klaipėda, Lithuania)

2019.01.01 Start working in Artūras Areima theater troupe

2018.08.15 –12.01 Post Graduate internship in Warsaw. Observing rehearsals at TR Warszawa, Teatr Dramatyczny

2018.07.19-08.01 Epydaurus Lyceum Greek drama theater school, Griffon dance company Greece)

2018.05.25 Performance “right left with heels” Lithuanian music and theatre Academy, dir. A. Micius

2018.04.19-05.05 The Suzuki method workshop with V. Grabštaitė (Lithuania)

2018.02.28 Angnieszka Kryst ecstatic body practice workshop (Warsaw, Poland)

2018.02.19 Natalie Iwaniec Gaga dance workshop (Vilnus, Lithuania)

2018.01.22-26 Jan Fabre teaching group (Belgium, Antwerpen) teachers: Jan Fabre, Ivana Jozic, Kasper Vandenberghe, Gustav Koenigs

2017.11.26 Workshop for acting “21 century” with Janis Balodis ( Dirty Deal Teatro, Latvia) 

2017.10.12-13Vilnius international theater festival „Sirenos“, non- core role in performance „Throwing“(En manque) Theater„Vidy“ (Switzerland) and Compagnie Friche 22.66 (France)director Vincent Macaigne 

2017.09.10 Butoh dance workshop with master Sakurako 

2017.08.7-13 Intense dance camp with Vilnius city dance theater “Low air” (teachers: A. Gudaitė, L. Žakevičius, R. Petrauskas, A. Lisičkinaitė, L. Karvelis) 

2017.08.2-6 Anne Bogart's viewpoints method workshop with Eugenia Tzirtzilaki, Liby Sacer Foundation (Greece) 

2017.02.7-9 Cycle of workshops together with OLIVE agency – performance of sence “SENSE” Tallinn, Estonia, dir. Gytis Ivanauskas 

2017.02.4-5 Creative clown workshop (Red nose doctors clowns) 

2016 2016.03.20-27 Emilie Maréchal (French actress, performer) workshop"FURY" 

2016.03.15-17 Wooguru Fd (contemporary dancer, Seul, South Korea) workshop of movement 

2016.04.22-24 Marius Pinigis (dancer, choreographer,Lithuania) workshop of movement 

2015 2015.10. 10 Performance in Kaunas biennial with GoraParasit (director Gintarė Minelgaitė) – 'Tuk tuk anamnezis'. 

2015.03.21 Ji Park (choreographer, dancer, South Korea) traditional Korea dance workshop 2015 Cinematic creative camp (2 weeks.), director Gintarė Minelgaitė. 

2015 Museum night“NIGHT CAPTIVITY ” – performance in Kaunas IX fort museum 


2017 Short film contest“Odisėja72” “Planai keičiasi” 

2017 Acting in serial “Laivės kaina. Partizanai” kaina-partizanai-12s

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.