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k l a m m ' s   w a r  :  t h e   b e g i n n i n g

accordig to Kai Hensel

Psychological thriller

Premiere 2017 October 13th, Arts Printing house
Duration 60 min | audience 16+

director/scenographer : Artūras Areima
costume designer : Monika Gurskytė
music : Dominykas Morkūnas
video artist : Kornelijus Jaroševičius
scenic meaning : Mister Klam and etc.

The performace’s goal is to unravel the beauty and subtleties of everyday life. What we face everyday we often choose not to see, not to hear, not to feel as if it was just a background of a mundane life. We no longer appreciate presence and no longer notice its beauty even though we experience it everyday. Often what appears simple is difficult to understant therefore we often get lost in the mess of the simplicity of everyday. The most important human issues are usually caused by everyday details that appear insignifiacant yet we often find ourselves noticing this only when something huge happens to us. “This is what I thought: even the most mundane event can become an adventure, you just need to tell it. People are fooled by this: a human is the eternal story-teller who lives surrounded by events that happens to him or others; and only through those events he understands himself and what happens to him; and he tries to live is life as if he’s telling it.”

In the centre of the performance – a person with an idealistic attitude towards the world, with a goal, with tools and with a possibility to alter the old and stagnant system. Unfortunately because of his beliefs a tragedy happens and he is condemned by others and by himself. Here he faces essential questions of life, living, death and meaning.

The climax of the performance is a discussion taking place between a professional and the viewers. The topic for the discussion is society’s mental heath: most common psichological problems that can lead to suicide and the impact  and pressure social environment and structural systems have on the origin of these issues.


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