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The concept of 2020’s project is to have a week long educational theater camp that is organised between three stage art professionals from Lithuania. The upcoming workshop will focus on the actor’s presence and action on stage. This year "Projection" festival workshop mentors are : director/scenographer Artūras Areima, music composer Arturas Bumšteinas, choreographer/dancer Marius Pinigis and slam poetry author Žygimantas Kudirka-Mesijas.


During this educational theater experience the participants will seek different, consious, new, creative way for an actor to perform on stage. This is hoped to be somewhat a training for a performer to be more independent, stronger and more open for contamporary arts and culture.

2 0 2 0  "PROJECTION"  will be held December 1-6 th, in AAT.

Details about registration to the workshop soon.



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slam poetry author


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Throughout 16th November - 14th December, 2019 AAT organised a series of educational events titled Projection (funded by Vilnius city municipality). The series featured screenings of European comtemporary theater pieces (Olivier de Sagazan’s Transfiguration, Hybridation, Susanne Kenedy’s Hideous (Wo)men, Needcompany’s The Porcelain Project, The Blind Poet, Rodrigo Garcia’s Golgota Picnic, Luk Perceval’s Uncle Vanya) along with introductory lectures. The series also featured hugely successful event among theater community - a discussion and a seminar with Luk Perceval. The event consisted of yoga-meditation seminar and a discusion  titled Spirituality in Theater along with Perceval introducing his theater philosophy and artistic tools.

AAT will continue organising educational events for the theater community and gradually build up to hosting an international educational theater festival. Every year, AAT will apply to get more funds for the project along with organising more events and seminars with various artists, performers, writers, thinkers from all over the world that work in the field of theater/interdisciplinary arts. We hope that this particular project grows into the first educational stage art festival in Lithuania of that kind. It is important for us to invite people who are interested in contemporary theater to participate in the seminars, workshops and other educational activities for free or for a suggested donation since we want the project to be accessible for everyone who wants to be involved.


During 2020-2021 we are going to continue to invite the most interesting theater creators, as well as to create a unique, versatile program, as it provides an opportunity for Lithuanian creative youth to get acquainted with contemporary theater all over the world.

In 2021 festival we are going to present theater director Rodrigo García, who will also lead the workshop for young actors.

The corporeal individual. An enemy of its own, forced to create a fiction - humanity.

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