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“Technē” (Greek τέχνη - mastery - art - craft) is a 3-day music / experimental art festival, the main idea and goal of which is to acquaint listeners and viewers with completely different forms and genres of music creation and performance. to music, to its perception, to acquaint listeners and viewers with the possibilities of contemporary music expression, the technique of creating and performing alternative / experimental music, its specifics.


Festival "technē'22 - (technē/art) music festival" in 2022. November 25-27 Artūras Areima theater space, Baltupiai. ​


In 2022 program: Gabrielė Griciūtė and Andrius Mackevičius, Agnés M (Agnė Matulevičiūtė), Daina Dieva, makbet (Monika Poderytė and Marijus Mažūnas), 7_lash (Andrius Kairys). ​


All festival events are free, entry is free, registration is required.

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2022   PROGRAM

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"Her performancesreminds me of a trip –it will becomesomething else, a time, a very personal ritual of change. In her music, Daina Dieva creates echoing atmospheric soundscapes based not only on electronics, but also on live instruments, vocals and ambient sound recordings, which, combined with a deep drone style, create a dreamy sound monolith of dark ambient and post-folk genres." - Ilona Trukanė


NOVEMBER 26 16:00



NOVEMBER 27 19:30



Having recently released Ymi's debut album called Black Heart, duo Gabrielė Griciūtė and Andrius Mackevičius are already traveling further with new experiments.


Electronica, ambient records, new tunes and lyrics. Inspired by the freshly completed sound art studies, active years in writing music and creating sound design for films and video games - Andrius and Gabrielė are returning to play live after a long break.


NOVEMBER 26 19:30


NOVEMBER 27 16:00



NOVEMBER 25 19:30


more info about

"technē" is a 3-day music and installation art festival with an educational discussion program for artists who create music and a wide audience of various age groups. The main idea and purpose of the festival and the educational program: to acquaint current or future actors and other artists with the possibilities of today's music expression, the technique of music creation and performance, its specifics; to help discover new ways of applying music in other genres of contemporary art; to help you get to know music as a particularly broad, independent and free form of expression. During the festival, there will be live meetings with festival participants/mentors, during which creative discussions and conversations will take place.

For the last 4 years, the festival organizer, long-time member of the AAT troupe, actress-composer Monika Poderytė, has purposefully and consistently improved her skills as a professional, versatile theater artist. in 2016 started working as a freelance actress in the Artūros Areima Theater. in 2018 started creating professional music for theater and cinema. in 2020 presented her first original musical performance "Medeamäterial" (financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council scholarship competition) not only as a composer, but also as a performer. At AAT, she also curates ongoing educational events; is the curator of AAT OPEN CALL artists and residents; technical video/audio operator.


In addition to already implemented and prepared projects, the "technē" festival includes another art field - music. The main goals and tasks of the project are closely related to the essential activity of the theater and the approach to the contemporary artist and art. One of the main goals of the Artūras Areima Theater, as an institution that brings together young creators, is to offer its viewers, artists and students of the performing arts, Baltupių and the surrounding districts multifaceted cooperation, not only in presenting finished performances intended for AAT's usual audience, but also in contemporary dance, music, circus, other presentations of stage art works and educational activities that are able to really interest the modern young person, who, being far from the city center, is much less likely to encounter cultural events or educational programs of a high artistic level.

Festival sponsors.                 Vilnius city municipality

                                             Lithuanian Council of Culture

                                             UAB "Friskas"

Festival partners                   PLUM.LT



Friends of the festival            Caffeine

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