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AAT | Artūras Areima theater performance "Hamletmachine" according to Heiner Müller in international Avignon OFF festival


Emmanuelle Dauboin

“In the dark, luminous white flowers soften the stage language. The graphic harmony is ensured by the director who personally watches over the costumes and the scenography. So many signs echoing the powerful and fascinating play of Rokas Petrauskas and Monika Poderytė. A global scenic approach for a theater that is as visual as it is sound.”



2019 April 3,4 performance "Under Ice" according to Falk Richter play will be presented in festival "Mythos" in Rennes, France. Right after , on April 6th "Under Ice" will be performed in Laval theater "Le Tetris".



"Richter's remarks become explosive in this production, created in 2015. It is a total charge against the alienation by the work and against a world where the men themselves are only accessory, a world which could very well live without us. <...> Under Ice breaks liberal rhetoric by highlighting the human violence of a society guided solely by profitability."

par Daphné Bathalon | 23 juillet 2018



"In most of the works by director Artūras Areima , there are clear boundaries and distinctions between theatrical space and the audience, between the theatrical world and everyday reality . He attaches great importance to the performance of actors, not easily sensational on the stage, but through a literary rebellion full of confrontation and deliberate destruction of traditional aesthetics, forming a strong visual impact. His stage story is closer to the audience because of the “alienation” of life."



Artūras Areima theater in Germany and South Korea: provocative, brave and accurate.

Artūras Areima theater performance "Hamletmachine" in the international festivals in Seoul and Daejeon.



"The violence of the human relations is described without concession and exacerbated by the shaking staging of Artūras Areima imprint of a realism of departure that dissolves in the aesthetics of a trip under ice. Stunning actors Rokas Petrauskas, Dovydas Stončius and Tomas Rinkūnas lend themselves to the craziest provocations in a hyper-performative game to tell the state of the world."

20 juillet 2018/dans À la uneAvignonBest OffFestivalOffThéâtre /par Christophe Candoni



"... Powerful, brutally interpreted, and completely out of the box, "Under Ice" is like diving into the icy waters of our social and human realities."

Alexis Franchaud


image copy.png

Luk Perceval. On December 1st in Artūras Areima theater - an unconventional meeting with this director : Luk Perceval will lead a yoga-meditation session for the audience, accompanied by a discussion about spirituality in the theater.



First review of "UNDER ICE" in Avignon festival de OFF 2018.

"...Theater which, in a destabilizing mixture of ultra-realism and dizzying dreamlikeism, attacks and leaves no respite, and whose ferocity responds to that of the machine to crush the human that it tracks. Sensitive souls refrain, as for others, go for it!"

Walter Géhin


Before upcoming festival d'Avignon OFF, Artūras Areima shares his thoughts about about his performance "Under ice" and today's reality.

AAT|Artūras Areima theater performance Falk Richter "Under ice" will be present in festival d'Avignon OFF program on July 8-24th.


More information:


Born in 1982, Artūras Areima is a member of the younger generation of Lithuanian directors. He studied at Klaipėda University, and received a BA in theatre directing in 2008. He has directed plays in various theatres in Lithuania, and has recently been working at the Kaunas State Drama Theatre on a regular basis. 


Artūras Areima: « People of the Western culture are able to work very well in their field of professional life, but they may get lost in the unusual everyday situations. People are narrowing and mechanizing, forgetting simple, human-minded things. A profession takes their lives. Some want to change something, but afraid of losing what they already have. After all, if you are not rich today, you’re not promising, then there’s nothing. Because of work and career, people forget their childhood dreams, and instead of following their inclinations, they create plans and live up to them – they do what they need. So they get lost in their own lives and try to get along. It’s interesting to see if, as a result of this, a person can still change something in his life. « 


Saturday, September 30th, the Varėna Culture Center will host the VIIIth Dalia Tamulevičiūtė Opening Ceremony of Professional Theaters and Awards.


2017 The sketch of Artūras Areimos Theater was chosen as the winner of the Dalia Tamulevičiūtė Lithuanian Art Scene Art Competition, according to Virginija Rimkaitė's work "Boiling temperature 5425". By October 30 The festival will invite the spectators to the 23 most recent theatrical performances of Lithuania.


Nuori mieshahmo saapuu näyttämölle ylikierroksilla pomppivan kompin saattelemana. Kiihkeän bilejulistuksen hengessä hän kertoo, kuinka sota Ukrainassa ei kiinnosta häntä lainkaan. Tekopirteän paasauksen äärellä käy koko ajan selvämmäksi, että uhossa kyse onkin itsepetoksellisesta torjunnasta.

Tämä on avainkohtaus vilnalaisen AAT – Artūro Areimos Teatras -teatteriseurueen dokumenttiteatteriesityksestä Arti.  Sen repivän äänimaiseman ja valaistuksen sävyttämät episodimaiset kohtaukset liittyvät kaikki ajankohtaiseen sotaan.


Latvian theatrologist: Artūras Areima represents a new generation of European directing

2020 On January 6, the Latvian theater website published an overview-study of the Latvian theatrologist Vēsma Lēvalde about the creative style of the director Artūras Areima, his creative path and the most important performances.


How should be called the work of A. Areima "Hamletmachine"?

"The monologues of ex-Hamlet who rose from the grave or travels to the grave - the inner flow of consciousness, the subconscious but female-dominated music, the minimal scenography, the absence of beginning and end, the destruction of" entry "and" exit "pulsate in a variety of postmodern philosophies, postpsychoanalysis, with references to the fourth wave of feminism, each of which could be analyzed in detail. "



In "Hamletmachine", the focus is not only on the individual and the representation of his unique experiences that dominated the dramaturgy of modernism. However, the performance avoids stepping into a heterogeneous temporality in which the individual would no longer take the position of the creator of his privileged meaning. Hamletmachine clearly refers to the subject as an essential source of dramatic action. True, he is not alone, in a constant, very intense relationship with the Other, more precisely the Other. "


What should the work of A.Areima Theater "Hamletmachine" be called?

"The monologues of the ex-Hamlet who rose from the grave or travels to the grave - the inner flow of consciousness, the subconscious but female-dominated music, the minimal scenography, the absence of beginning and end, the destruction of" entry "and" exit "pulsate in a variety of postmodern philosophies, postpsychoanalysis, references to the fourth wave of feminism, each of which can be analyzed in detail. "​​


A cross-section of a paralyzed soul

Artūras Areima performance "Hamletmachine"

Laura Šimkutė

"... not everything we see and not everything we hear is real - we tend to give in to the illusion and allow ourselves to believe in it. "The recordings don't exist, the reality of the microworld works without an 'auto tune' processor, it's authentic as it is. It's self-destructive and suicidal."


Artūras Areima Theater in South Korea and Germany: Provocative, Brave, Accurate

This year, the creative team of Artūras Areima Theater is happy to have the opportunity to show more and more performances abroad: in November, AAT performed in Antichrist, Germany, and in the South Korean cities of Daejeon and Seoul, at the DipFe and ST-BOMB festivals. Premiere of AAT based on Heiner Müller's play "Hamletmachine". The creators performed the play three times in Berlin, and as many as five Hamletmachine performances were shown in South Korea.

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