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t h e a t e r

AAT | Artūras Areima Theater was found in 2014 in order to distance itself from creative restrictions common in State budgetary theater institutions and to introduce an alternative post-drama theater attitude in Lithuania.

As of now AAT performances have been well received in art festivals in Scotland, France, South Korea, China, Montenegro and through individual showings in Germany, Norway, Denmark. The director has received invitations for art residencies in Belgium, Italy, South Korea. According to local and international critics Artūras Areima showcases work that is unique yet recognisable by its creative process and that also employs an authentic theatre language and distinct analysis of themes showcased.




In 2015 AAT theatre has established its organisational structures, has brought together a team of creatives, applied for various open-calls, competitions and created a strategy for the theater practice for 2016 and 2017.


Throughout 2015-2016 AAT realeased 2 performances: "Under Ice", based on Falk Richter’s play under the same title (co-production between OKT/Vilnius city theater) and "Loser", based on Eduard Limonov’s Diary of a Loser.


Throughout 2016-2017 AAT further established its creative direction as a post-modern, nonconformist theater. AAT released 4 new performances:

Medea’s Room based on documentary material and created through creative workshops; Theater performance based on Kai Hansel’s play "Klamm’s War"; "Anticrist", theater performace based on the works of M. Foucault, F.Nietzsche, S.Wild and documentary material; "Boiling Temperature 5425", first ever theater series in Lithuania (episodes I,II) based on a play by Virginija Rimkaitė. The aforementioned play was seleted as the winner of play competition “Versmė” in 2016. In 2017 a sketch for the play directed by Artūras Areima won the grand prix in Dalia Tamulevičiūtė’s competition of Stage art by Lithuanian creators.


In the summer of  2016 AAT showcased Under Ice in the largest international art festival “Edinburgh Festival Fringe”, where the performance received the “Jawbone” award for the most uncompromised theater performace in the festival. Artūras Areima was also awarded a special “Summerhall” prize and received an invitation for a collaboration between AAT and “Summerhall” in Edinburgh.


In 2018 AAT released 3 new performaces: "Boiling temperature 5425" (episode III) based on a play by Virginija Rimkaitė under the same title; "Blind" based on J.Saramago’s Blindness (co-production between AAT and Juozas Miltinis Theater).

"Hamletmachine" based on H. Muller’s play under the same title. This particular performance was showcased in Seoul and Taejeon (South Korea), in “DipFe” and “ST-BOMB” festivals. After the performaces AAT received an invitation for an art residency and also was invited to be part of next year’s festivals’ programmes.


In 2019 AAT opened a new venue in Vilnius, in the district of Baltupiai. The venue has a space that is suited for performances and other public events and has a capacity of 100. There has been more than 20 performances showed in the space already along with "Projection": a series of free educational events.


In 2019 AAT along with independent theater companies from Norway and Denmark participated in an international Nordic-Baltic project titled “Storytelling Cross Seas”. The objective of the project was to encourage intercultural artistic communication by organising seminars in all three countries and to engage in the tradition and experience of story-telling in theater. Within this project AAT showcased a performance "Hamletmachine".


Throughout 14th - 24th September 2019 AAT showed "Undre Ice"  at the Beijing Fringe festival and at the “International contemporary theater festival” in Hangzhou, China. In October 2019 AAT released "Electronic City" based on Falk Richter’s play under the same title.  


On 25th, 26th January 2020 AAT released "Nothing Hurts", a performance based on Falk Richter’s play under the same title. AAT has also received an invitation to showcase "Under Ice" at FIAT international theater festival in Montenegro.


In 2020-2021 AAT released 4 theater performances: "For a Better World", based on Roland Schimmelpfennig’s play; "Test" based on Luk Bärfuss’s play; "Faust Is Dead"  based on Mark Ravenhill’s play; "The Trial of Ubu", based on Simon Stephens. 

2022 AAT released performance "Three Kingdoms: Part I. London" according to Simon Stephens. ​Performance "Faust is dead" was presented in the international theater festival "Peace theater festival Gwangju" in South Korea; performance "Under Ice" - in FIAT, Internatonal Alternative theater festival in Montenegro.

Artūras Areima theater portfolio

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