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w i d o w s

according to Sławomir Mrożek

Premiere 2021 December 18,19th in Artūras Areima theater, Vilnius

Duration  80 min | audience 16+


director/scenographer : Artūras Areima

director's assistant : Inga Sanakojevaitė

costume designer : Artūras Areima

stage assistant : Paulius Jakubėnas

music : π

video artist : Gediminas Vansevičius

video operators : Gediminas Vansevičius, Dinas Marcinkevičius, Paulius Oficerovas

video montage : π, Artūras Areima
sound operator : Andrius Kairys
actors : Monika Poderytė, Modesta Jakeliūnaitė, Karolis Legenis, Rokas Petrauskas, Tomas Rinkūnas, Justė Buslavičiūtė


Play translation from Polish by Irena Aleksaitė

supported by Lithuania Council for Culture, Cinevera, Cineskope

The basis of the AAT cinematographic work is the tragicomedy "Widows" by Sławomir Mrożek. It is one of the most personal works of the author, analyzing the temporality of life and man's disagreement with the waiting death. S. Mrożek wrote the play in greeting after a difficult operation, in Mexico - a cheerful approach to death and its personification is a reference to Mexican culture, where death is accepted as a natural part of life, viewed ironically and without fear. In creating the upcoming performance, the director will seek to open and deconstruct the theme of the fear of death and give the viewer the opportunity to discuss death without worry.

The state of the created characters and the created atmosphere do not repel, but inspire to join them, open up and leave the world that is normal, “normal” for us, although in fact more lying than accepting. The upcoming film will be in black and white: according to the director, we are not yet able to see the colors today, we do not want to; this work will be filmed in such a way that the viewer's eyes would eventually want, demand color, because the mood, situations and characters of the work will contradict the gray, but we usually choose to see such an uninspiring, gloomy world. We are a generation that is only able to look at the flowers that bloom in the forest through the phone screen, through an artificial filter, and every day, consciously and unconsciously, refusing to see reality as it really is.

Artūras Areima: “I am not interested in this “normal” world, it is full of noise, meaningless political correctness. He is fruitless. There are very few living people who want to live / celebrate life, live without fear of dying, without fear of speaking, be different, the way you want to be. I want to make a film where all people would break into one strange cafe, because there they can meet living and dead, strange, interesting marginalists, outsiders, stylish people, as in J. Genet's book "Mother of the God of Flowers". Sitting behind the table is a fascinating death that is not feared, coveted because it is an attractive, sexy orbit of world chaos. I want the gray people in our current world to crave to get into this bar / world, to get them to think - and if such a bar existed, would I visit it, or would I invite death to dance too? The film is specially black and white, so that colors are born in the imagination, so that they are lacking, as in life, so that we turn colorlessness inside ourselves into a colorful world. ”



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