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according to Lukas Bärfuss

Premiere 2020 December 29, 30th in Artūras Areima theater, Vilnius

Duration 120 min | audience 16+

director/scenographer : Artūras Areima

scenographer assistant : Matas Makauskas
costume designer : Artūras Areima
music : π

video artist : Gediminas Vansevičius

video operators : Gediminas Vansevičius,

Dinas Marcinkevičius, Paulius Oficerovas
actors : Karolis Legenis, Valerijus Kazlauskas,

Modesta Jakeliūnaitė, Monika Poderytė, Justė Buslavičiūtė 

Photographer Laura Vansevičienė

Play translated from German by Jūratė Pieslytė

Supported by Lithuania Council for Culture, Cinevera, Cineskope

The characters in L. Bärfuss's play "Test" are confused, satisfying only their needs and ego. The father takes care of his political career; mother - meditates in India, son wants to destroy and destroy wife with cousin; the wife, pushed and accused, cannot even express her opinion because she is not a biological member of the family; father's assistant - a liar tries to destroy the family in order to take the place of the son and thus compensate for the lack of love in childhood. "The family makes you weak" are the words of the father in the play, which perfectly reflect the essence and paradox of the play. According to the director of the performance, a rather patterned tendency can be clearly seen in Lithuania: almost everyone wants a certain form of family, but is afraid of responsibilities and eventually starts looking for their "I", "freedom" somewhere else.



The Today’s meaning and value of the family: is it possible to abandon the imposed family model, live and love differently? Love, both in theory and in practice, is still a discursive battleground in which many contemporary conflicts over gender, sexual and cultural identity take place on a daily basis. Who can and should be a “man” or a “woman” today? How will we define the family, the nation and belonging to any social group in the future?



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