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l o s e r

according to Eduard Limonov

Premiere 2015 December 17,18,19th, POST gallery Kaunas

Duration 120 min | audience 14+

director : Artūras Areima
scenographer : Artūras Areima
photographer : Donatas Stankevičius
costume designer : Monika Gurskytė
music : Gramophone
acting : Loser
curator of the exhibition : Giedrė Žaliauskaitė


Photographer Donatas Stankevičius

Supported by Lithuania Council for Culture

This is a one part nonconformist, exhibitionist, deconstructive and hysterical act that is pointed against the burgeois society that believes in the power of cosmos. What is nonconformism? It is a rejection of common beliefs, customs and opinions. Nonconformism is rooted in self-exploration and excersizes an understanding of the social context that is free from conventional methods of science. Symptoms of nonconformism are fairness, self-irony, sense of humour and starting of revolutions.


Looser is an open invitation to join the loser tribe and destroy the entirety of civilization on Earth, destruct and unite all of those who are not satisfied. No higher classes. No dictatorships. How can we evaluate who’s better that who? This is stupid. Better is the one who hates civilization. We can’t tell you what are we going to build in this empty space. What we can tell you: our goal is to destroy. Not just fundamentaly, but even deeper, root it all out so that there is only dust left on site. Just like conquerers of olden times used to destroy cities and then plough it all.


How do you know if you are ready to become a loser? If you wake up one spring’s morning and lie about listening to music thinking to yourself: “But I am truly no-one in this world – just a piece of shit”- that means you are not yet totally doomed. If you say these words honestly to yourself, Loser is commited to take us all to zone zero and experience everyday.


Loser’s viewership is motyvated to be abused or pleasantly loved. Viewership that hates theater, has never liked it and has never thought of it, only has seen it on its worst nightmares. Viewership that loves theater and cannot be pleased with it anymore because it became too small for their heads.

AWARDS :                    2016 m. Golden stage cross nomination for the best debut Valerijus Kazlauskas




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