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nothin g  hurts

according to Falk Richter

Premiere 2020 January 25, 26th in Artūras Areima theater

Duration 80 min | audience 16+


director/scenographer : Artūras Areima
costume designer : Artūras Areima
music composer : π 
video artist : Dinas Marcinkevičius
actors : Petras Šimonis, Monika Poderytė

Photographer: Laura Vansevičienė

Play translation from German by Jūratė Pieslytė

Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Which feeling is real these days? And which feeling belongs to a person as a whole? How to summon it, does it even exist if we no longer aware of ourselves as body and soul?


Performance Nothing Hurts along with the play under the same title is closely-knitted with J.G. Ballard’s novel Crash, where the body constantly meets technology (i.e. a car) and constantly is in a carcrash. This is not random: these carcrashes are constructed specifically for sexual and emotional pleasure. Here, the carcrash or collision gives life a new shape, a fresh breeze; desire for another body, for oneself, for the presence itself is felt once again. Here, death and sex exist on the same level as the body – without a metaphor or a phrase. It is not entirely true that the bodies/protagonists are facing sadism, masochism or enjoyment, what is happening is merely a release. Here we have an atmosphere that Ballard called “like being stuck in huge traffic”. This is the time without depth, where the future ceased to exist along with the past. The time is replaced by the lense of a camera that is mounted to our everyday lives and technologies. The universe has no secrets anymore.


We placed and locked ourselves in a virtual web, hence we’re are all the same, boring, mundane, predictable, exhausted and weary of each other and ourselves. It is difficult to find any new thoughts, fresh air that we could share. All is becoming a grey line.



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